EYE.FOR.READING: Winner of the Dutch Literacy Award 2012




Welcome to the EYE.FOR.READING website

EYE.FOR.READING wants to make a substantial contribution to people’s reading proficiency. Our ultimate ambition is for every pupil, student and employee to have objective information about the quality of his or her reading skill.

Unique method of measuring reading ability

The EYE.FOR.READING measuring method results in a fast, objective and precise determination of a person’s reading proficiency. This is achieved by means of advanced eye-movement registration. A unique feature is that we not only determine exactly the technical aspect of reading, but also the 'strategic' aspect. Together with the assessment of a person’s comprehension, the EYE.FOR.READING test only takes 15 minutes!


Using the EYE.FOR.READING measuring method, readings skills for large groups of people can be mapped out in a fast, efficient and reliable manner.

This is especially useful for education, trade & industry, as well as for local government authorities, because it provides new opportunities to actually track down low-literate people before training programmes are developed to match their needs and wants.

Private persons may benefit as well, because the quick screening allows them to obtain an objective picture of their own technical reading skill. Based on that, they may decide to have a more extensive dyslexia test performed.